A few weeks ago I started tossing around the idea of writing a book about my experiences in the years prior to starting Spirit by Design. The thought has never been far off, and yet it’s also never held a large chunk of brain space, either.

But just like that, I recently opened a document and started writing, realizing that my story is probably a lot like other stories out there. I felt a strong pull to begin creating something those in pain can use as one of their support tools.

In the days, weeks, and months after experiencing the darkness that comes from being on the receiving end of a marital affair, all I wanted was to be loved, and to know that there were other people dealing with similar circumstances and emotions.

I read all the books. I researched the psychology and the science behind betrayal. I was deep in joint and one-on-one counseling before, during, and after the experience. But on some level, I never really knew what to expect, or what came next, and in certain ways that was the hardest part. What I’m aiming to write now is what I felt I was missing then.

My family and friends symbolized rare joy, my road bike became my escape, and the journal I started two days after the fallout contained a spectrum of emotion. Back then, my life was turning inside-out. I finally realized, only over (a long) time, that the one thing I could control was myself.

If you or anyone you know has been affected by a marital affair, I invite any and all to follow this space (or join the e-list for immediate updates) over the upcoming months as I progress and get closer to releasing the book. I’ll be sure to share along the way, and invite dialogue about this topic to anyone who’s willing.

Being that this is something entirely vulnerable for me, I look ahead smiling at this journey and welcome the challenges that will certainly pop up along the way. Most importantly, I genuinely look forward to sharing my story with the hope it will help people just like you.

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