Tycho, Dive

Thinking back to my experiences with instrumental, digital, and ambient music, it begin somewhere in the 90’s with The Crystal Method, followed by the introduction of math rock with bands like Minus the Bear and Russian Circles. And more recently, I’ve started enjoying creators like that of Tycho.

Scott Hansen, aka Tycho, is an ambient music composer based in California. Tycho’s tracks are both a journey and an instant relief, fading to the back and setting the tone for what is to be done.

Whether being promoted recently through the Mission Workshop blog, or featured on The Artistree, I’ve seen Tycho pop up a lot recently after the March 2014 release, Awake, arrived with much fanfare. And for good reason.

Take a listen to this extended track and peruse the MW or Artistree links above for more information should you care for another taste.

Photo: Chad Kamenshine

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