I have come to believe a few key things about circumstance and relationship over the years, whether those beliefs surround partnerships, friendships, or even the day to day stuff.

One of the most beneficial books I continue to pull from the shelf on the topics surrounding general fulfillment as well as partnership is a thick-in-content but small-in-size read bearing the subtitle: Creating the Relationship of Your Dreams.

It may sound corny, but the “laws” or principles in the book sing clearly and I’ve often been surprised at how easy it is to become complacent with consistency surrounding many of the book’s topics. Biting off a handful of chapters before bed reveals so much power in our basic approach to life and love leaving it hard for me to believe it isn’t more widely touted.

Be it simple reminders about relationship, or the consistent theme of loving thyself first, the book offers a gentle nudge towards how simple—really—major aspects of our lives are if we can keep a few things in line and in mind.

But most importantly, it promotes that living more mindfully starts with ourselves and radiates from within. One of my favorite passages calls upon us, noting that no matter the circumstance, large or small, we have the power to choose how we press on.

Act according to the belief that every event unfolds only to benefit you completely and you’ll cause every event to continue itself along those lines. You are completely in charge of the aftereffects of the event.

– The Laws of Love by Chris Prentiss

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