Circa Survive, Imaginary Enemy

We all have them: songs, spreading the genres, that we return to for shifting reasons over the years. An earmark of another time. A musical trance that once meant something completely different, but still sticks with us in a fit of melancholy wrapped around new meaning. Its gravity was just as important then as it is now.

For the last decade I’ve been a fan of Circa Survive, stemming from their combination of raw vocals, musicianship, stage performance, and lyrical ingenuity. This track comes from the Blue Sky Noise album that was released only a few years back.

I love the growl here. The message. A battle of rage and acceptance. Throughout, I can’t help but think of Anthony belting this out to a packed house. What an amazing feeling.

Care for more? Here’s a complimentary acoustic version of the same track.

Photo: Derrick Austinson

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