General Ghost, Lyndia

General Ghost is a relatively new band, formed sometime in 2011 by Jon Howard and Kyle Rictor. I stumbled across their album Drifter Painter Drinker Sinner rather innocently after it popped up in an Rdio feed.

From what I can track down, both musicians currently live in Nashville, TN where they write and record new music fairly regularly according to the official website.

What I most enjoy about General Ghost is the nicely balanced feeling of etherial mental meandering combined with a strong musicianship, always bringing the tracks back around to completion.

Their albums don’t necessarily fit into a genre (perhaps “Indie” would be the closest bet), but they stand as entirely capable and competent examples of these two’s ability to craft thoughtful arrangements with unique hooks and finesse.

I quite enjoy how the track below, Lyndia, showcases those thoughts. With that said, I also recommend you listen to additional tracks—like The Gospel and A Woman Well Loved—to grasp where this band can take you during a full set.

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