Earlier this year, my business parter Bryant and I had the opportunity to speak to a few groups in Colorado Springs and Denver on the topic of the Things We’re Still Figuring Out. These conversations allowed us to share a little about our experiences in just over two years of business under the name Authentic Form & Function.

Recently, fellow attendee and serial traveler, entrepreneur, and all around nice guy Jake Jorgovan had us on his podcast, Working Without Pants. He followed up with questions pertaining to the “things we’re still figuring out” discussion as a small but growing remote studio.

During the podcast, we offer our own insights into how we began Authentic Form & Function, what we’re run into since, and how we’ve been moving forward as a studio that lives in a remote space while having pride in quality communication and relationships with our clients.

I’d be curious to hear your thoughts! What have you learned from your own experiences running a business? Failures, successes, must-do’s or must-have’s, or anything else that comes to mind.

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