Torn ACL Recovery Podcast – Month 12

It’s wild to think it’s been one year since my ACLR procedure. Time is odd that way, I suppose. The last year has been filled with many ups and downs—emotionally and physically—many of which were tied to the rehab and recovery process.

On this final podcast of the series I take a look back at the last 12 months of my life and this journey that only other ACL listeners can understand. I touch on where I am now in the process, various exercises and routines, reflections, and a big theme that comes up for me. Also, motivation and some ideas on where to find it.

A big thank you to anyone who’s followed along, or to those that find this podcast down the line. My door’s always open for questions or comments. Hopefully this short series can help you in some small way!

Helpful products roundup:

  • At this point, I’m happy to say I’m not using any products or needing to ice with any regularity. Some stiffness can arise for 12-24 hours after a hard workout without substantial stretching, but that becomes more about maintenance!
  • Supplements (the complete guide which I still stick to every single day)

Month 12 Notes:

  • Month 12 review
  • Thoughts, exercises reflections, inspiration, motivation
  • Chico Wildflower cycling event
  • Stick to a process and find your motivators

Personal Notes:

  • Extension: 0 (sight hyperextension)
  • Flexion: Minimal resistance at terminal flexion (sitting in a squat)
  • Sitting Pain: 0/10
  • Standing Pain: 0/10

– Guide to Supplements for ACL Recovery
ACL Rehab Cycling Program
4 Corners Sports Performance on YouTube

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  1. What graft did you get and can you play basketball again?

    • Chris Arnold
      Nov 7, 2019 Reply

      I had the hamstring graft, and yes!, able to play basketball again.

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