Torn ACL Recovery Podcast – Month 3

Three months in and I’m feeling better than I have since the injury itself back in March. While the graft is technically at it’s weakest point, I’m feeling much better. And, I now understand how some start to lay off PT and/or rush back into sport too quickly.

Things change a lot slower now. Daily routines are mostly the same, save for some PT changes every week or two, and I’m into the last phase of my cycling program. I really started to notice a big difference between Phase 4 and Phase 5 of that program, where it now feels “easier” to hit the watt-based marks.

There is a defined loneliness that comes with this recovery and I’ve noticed that in the last month. Most don’t understand the greater process involved and assume that because I’m up and moving again, all is well.

Still unable to do regular workouts with a group and constantly being on the sidelines is a struggle. No way to sugar coat it! It stinks.

My quad is becoming more defined, and while not the same as the non-surgical leg, it’s getting there. Flexion remains off at about 135 degrees, with minor swelling that remains.

I’ll talk about the daily routine on the podcast, as well as the jumping exercises I’ve started.

Again, my tibia is almost back to normal, but after another month still not entirely. Maybe I’ll say the same thing next month?

On long days out and about it will still discolor slightly and I’ll find it swollen at my sock line. I don’t really worry too much about it at this point, and just grab the ice wrap when I’m back home.

It’s clear that Turmeric has really helped my knee flexion move from ~120 degrees to ~135 degrees over a month’s use. Keeping inflammation down without taking meds is a priority, and for me it was game changer. I’m into my second bottle now.

Starting to set my sights on larger goals seems important at this point, to both keep the brain connected to this journey, and to have goals that go beyond the day-to-day. I’ll speak on that during the podcast, too.

Helpful products roundup:

Month 3 Notes:

  • Month 3 review
  • Day to day and fighting loneliness
  • Running and PT exercises
  • Cycling program improvements
  • Turmeric
  • Setting bigger goals

Personal Notes:

  • Extension: 0 (sight hyperextension)
  • Flexion: 135 (can stiffen up a bit after long days/workouts)
  • Sitting Pain: 0/10
  • Standing Pain: 0/10

– Guide to Supplements for ACL Recovery
ACL Rehab Cycling Program

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