Torn ACL Recovery Podcast – Month 5

Hard to believe, but five months are now behind me since ACLR surgery. This month was marked, perhaps most notably, by completely diving into a new rehab program.

Besides typical weakness and soreness, the main issue I faced after the PT “graduation” around three months was a weak hamstring. With the hamstring graft it’s not uncommon to lose much of your operated leg’s strength after surgery. This comes from both healing time, and of course, inactivity.

On the podcast I go into some more detail about that and what I’ve been taking away from this “phase two” approach to rehab. I’ll also touch on a few exercises that have really been helping.

The last couple weeks I’ve also been increasing my road cycling volume, both in miles and in elevation gained. Both of these attributes put my knee under the microscope, so I’ll discuss how that’s been going and what I’ve felt.

As I look ahead to the sixth month, I’m riding the Tour of the Moon in a week, and much anticipating an increasing feeling of normalcy as the healing continues.

Helpful products roundup:

Month 5 Notes:

  • Month 5 review
  • Next phase of rehab with strength trainer
  • Increasing cycling load: distance and elevation
  • Tour of the Moon in a week

Personal Notes:

  • Extension: 0 (sight hyperextension)
  • Flexion: 140 (give or take—still working on this)
  • Sitting Pain: 0/10
  • Standing Pain: 0/10

– Guide to Supplements for ACL Recovery
ACL Rehab Cycling Program

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