Torn ACL Recovery Podcast – Week 2

The second week of recovery contained a few silver linings—exercises becoming a little easier and laying around without the locking brace on 24/7—but it also came with the continued frustration of (read: harsh) shin pain when standing.

I started applying Arnica gel to the tibia 2-4x daily, and also used Aloe early in the week in an attempt to reduce heat from bruising. I did notice a change in bruising appearance after a few days using Arnica, but the pain remained a 9-10/10 when standing until I was given the green light for ibuprofen (more on this in the podcast).

I’ve felt “behind” in terms of getting back on my feet because of the shin bruising, and I’m concerned my leg will be extra weak once I can finally get weight back on it. It’s a mental battle when you can literally see and feel the atrophy and weakness.

In terms of icing, I’ve preferred ice wraps and the Flexi gel packs this week for more coverage area and immediate cold following PT exercises or first thing in the morning when everything’s a bit sore. I also purchased CryoCups to mix it up and get more of a manual therapy component going.

Helpful products roundup:

Week 2 Notes:

  • Week 2 review
  • Small victories with movement, more “freedom”
  • Tibia pain progression and ibuprofen
  • PT regimen, “walking”

Personal Notes:

  • Extension: 0
  • Flexion: 82
  • Sitting Pain: 1/10
  • Standing Pain: 6/10 (week began the same at 9-10/10)

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  1. Chris, a friend shared this log with me and I’m just finishing up week two of MY ACL surgery too. I wish I had thought to start a podcast :)

    I too felt “behind” this week, but mostly my first week. I was in a lot of pain and couldn’t do many of the exercises because of the pain and bruising. I’m definitely ordering that Flexi Gel Pack for better coverage! My PT office uses them and they’re sooo fantastic. Hope your week three goes better!

    • Chris Arnold
      May 4, 2018 Reply

      Hey Megan, thanks for sharing. The first couple weeks are a doozy, eh? Good thinking on the Flexi packs for the knee. I’m really enjoying mine right now. Hope you have a great week, too!

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