Torn ACL Recovery Podcast – Week 3

The third week felt much like the second week, but at the same time new things started happening. My flexion was getting a lot better (I pushed the PT exercises) and I began walking with one crutch, albeit rather pathetically at first! But it’s a step forward and by the end of the week it was getting better.

It was also the first time I got back in the saddle of my road bike, which felt like a big deal after it was pushed aside, literally, in the corner of a bedroom after surgery. I’m just starting to get full revolutions at my real saddle height (the PT usually bumps the height in session to get it going), even though it’s a little painful at the apex.

I’ve also started to get a lot of use out of various exercise bands I purchased for pre-surgery rehab, which are finally coming back into focus. Both larger bands and a set of the small “loop” bands have a use now with at-home PT exercise homework. I’ll add those links below.

Finally, thought this week would be a good time to chat about some of the oddities you may face: leg numbness, bruising, the incision site. I’ll cover that and more in the podcast.

Helpful products roundup:

Week 3 Notes:

  • Week 3 review
  • The little things: numbness, rogue pings and pangs, cold feet
  • PT schedule and the knee, morning to night
  • To brace or not to brace, that is the question
  • Walking and (not) driving

Personal Notes:

  • Extension: 0
  • Flexion: 104
  • Sitting Pain: 1/10
  • Standing Pain: 4/10

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