Torn ACL Recovery Podcast – Week 4

It’s been one month since the surgery! If you are also at this point, doesn’t it feel good? Light years away from that first week, huh? I’m even able to confidently take a shower now…

If you listened to the Week 3 podcast, the start of this week began very similarly. I was walking with one crutch and settling into a routine where my knee was pretty achy at the beginning—and end—of each day. By midday and after a PT session I was feeling more loose compared to the weeks before.

By the end of this week, I moved to no crutches on a feeling (and eventual challenge from my physical therapist). It’s still achy all the time when walking, especially first thing in the morning or if I haven’t moved in a while. My gait stands to improve a lot.

You can see in the image my tibia is doing a lot better, and the incisions are healing well. Swelling persists, so something I’ll discuss on the podcast—that hasn’t been possible until this week—is really putting leg compression to work. I’ll talk about why that is, and its impact in my recovery starting this week.

Helpful products roundup:

Week 4 Notes:

  • Week 4 review
  • A note on supplements
  • Crutches, to crutch, to walking
  • Leg compression and the shin

Personal Notes:

  • Extension: 0 (sight hyperextension with assistance; close to non-surgical leg)
  • Flexion: 112
  • Sitting Pain: 0/10
  • Standing Pain: 2/10 (if up for a long time)

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